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What you need
To view your Guycon Greetings, you need to have QuickTime Media Player 4.0 or higher installed on your computer.

How to get what you need
It is easy to get the newest version of QuickTime. Just follow these steps:

(PRINT these instructions for easy reference):

Step #1 Go to the QuickTime site
Go to the QuickTime site by clicking on our Get QuickTime link, below.

Step #2 Download and save QuickTime to your hard drive
*On the QuickTime site, select your operating system (Mac or Windows 2000/XP/Vista).
*Download the installation program.
*Save the QuickTime Installation file anywhere on your hard drive you please (Apple recommends you save it under desktop so that an icon appears right on your desktop).
*REMEMBER where you saved it and what it is called.
*DO NOT disconnect from the Internet before going to step #3.

Step #3 Very Important! Install QuickTime on your computer
*This is the easiest part.
*While still connected to the Internet, simply find the file you saved and double click that file (if you saved it to your desktop, there will be a QuickTime icon right on your desktop - double click that icon).
*You will be led through a few easy questions: Minimum Installation is fine.
*QuickTime will do the rest, installing automatically from the Web.
*Installation times vary by connection speed.

Step #4 Restart your computer if necessary
*If QuickTime does not play your Guycon greeting, RESTART your computer so your new QuickTime plug-in can take effect.

Get Quicktime

Get Quicktime

How to Find a File
If you don't remember where you saved your QuickTime Installation file, follow these steps to locate it:
  1. Click START, then FIND, then FILES OR FOLDERS
  2. In the box labeled "Named" enter the word: QuickTimeInstaller (one word)
  3. Click FIND NOW
  4. Under the category "Name" look for a file called QuickTimeInstaller
  5. Double click that file and the QuickTime installation will begin