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Registration Card

Are you a: Man Woman Both
What is your age range?
Do you reside in the continental United States? Yes No
What is your occupation?
How many pizzas do you order in an average year?
What is an average year?
What is your annual income? (Check one that applies to you.)
     More than $100.00
Do you own or rent?
What is your rent or house payment?
If you rent and it's really cheap, are there any vacancies in your building? Yes No
Do you lock your doors at night? Yes No
If so, where do you keep your key?
Where do you keep your valuables?
How much is your average beer bill a month?
Do you buy imported beer or domestic beer?
Do you have any beer in your house right now? Yes No
Can we have some of it? Yes No
What credit cards do you own?
Would you send us the numbers of those credit cards?
Card Number - - - Exp.
Do you have a savings account checking account?
How much is in there? Is it a lot?
All Account Numbers:
; ;
(Must enter either credit card or checking/savings numbers for form to be valid)

Please print out form, place stamp on envelope and put in envelope and mail to us (including extra stamps in case we want to send you mail) to:

Guycon, International
1234 Guycon Circle #D123
Fullabull, WA 98555-1111