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The following people have refused to take responsibility for this program:

Created, Written, and Produced by Lowell Press & Rodney Sherwood.

All Guycons performed by Rodney Sherwood

Graphic Artist: Todd Hardman

Web Design & Hosting: 3-Dreams Media

Producer: Tamara Strange

Director: Lowell Press
Director of Photography: Chris Towey
Gaffer: Kyle Carver
Audio: Aaron Murphy
Make up Artist: Michelle Ahern
Production Assistant: Mitch Hale
Photographer: Michelle Adams
Horse Wrangler: Ted "Jerky" Washanvil

Assistant to Mr. Sherwood: No one would take the job
Assistant to Mr. Press: No one would take the job and most people made obscene comments

No computers were crashed in the making of this program.

No animals were harmed in the making of this program, although Rodney was shot with a horse tranquilizer. Twice.

Special Thanks: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, favorable critics, the San Quintin Guards Association, an anonymous patron, the many, many Emergency Room attendants across this great nation of ours who helped us and healed us again and again throughout the development of this project., and especially to the literally millions and millions of people who encouraged us to go forward with this venture. We love you all.

No Thanks: Rodney's ex-wife, Lowell's 2nd grade teacher, unfavorable critics, anyone who ever mocked or ridiculed us openly or behind our backs.

Special Thanks to our Attorneys:

Bill Lowenstein
Hal Lowenstien
Mike Lowenstien
The Lowenstien Brothers
The law firm of Lowenstien, Lowenstien, Lowenstien, Lowenstien & Lowenstien
B. Bob Smith
Ted Johnson
A.A. Blain, LLC
Doc Batchelder
Cap Allen
Samuel Jenkins, Esq.
Barter & Stomp, LLC
Carmen Collingsworth, LLC
Fab Fortuna
Slick, Esq.
Luigi Bagomi
Kolen & Shaftsbury
Abe & Jakes Drive-Thru Legal Services
Cannon Fodder, LLC
Schecky Sheffield
Ashbury, Simmons, Lovim & Leaben
Charles Albert Blair, Jr., Esq.
Renier Legal Services, Inc.

*If you need to contact us for any reason whatsoever, do not contact us directly, call any of the above attorneys, except Slick.